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Rubber band are often used to bundle items together across many industries, in fact you may just be surprised at just how many industries actually use rubber bands. The humble rubber band is often an overlooked product that makes many peoples lives easier on a daily basis. Bounce Rubber Bands® currently have 267 rubber band product lines available in our warehouse. We stock 100g rubber band dispenser boxes and 500g bags of rubber bands. The 100g boxes of rubber bands can be purchased individually and the 500g rubber band bags can be purchased in a retail box of 5 bags (2.5kg) and a bulk box of 20 bags (10kg). Bounce Rubber Bands® currently stock natural tan, purple, white, blue, green, red and yellow bands. However, any colour can be custom made. You can keep your office organised with our rubber bands. You may find our Rubber Bands Size Chart on our ORDER page helpful to choose your required rubber band size.

Rubber bands reign under ‘head bouncer’

Wholesale Natural Rubber Bands

Bounce ‘Natural’ Rubber Bands

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How Flower Growers, Flower Farmers and Florists use Bounce Rubber Bands®

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Bounce Rubber Bands – The Unsung Hero of Hero Sushi!

Did you know the often over looked rubber band has long been an essential instrument in the sale of sushi all over the world? Bounce Rubber Bands has been used throughout the hospitality packaging industry for many years now and we are happy to announce our recent partnership with Hero Sushi to help bring you […]

Flower Growers, Farmers and Florists use Bounce Rubber Bands®

Meet Bounce Rubber Bands®, the best rubber bands your flowers will ever wear. Our rubber bands come in a variety of sizes and colours, and we can also customise them to any size or colour you need. Using our 7 different colours, you are able to pick your flowers and wrap them with a unique […]

Rubber bands used in wooden toys to propel blade

Rubber bands propel mower blade

Bounce Rubber Bands®  were recently contacted by customer Rod H who required Rubber Bands for a project. He was trying to create a wooden lawn mower with a propelling blade and was searching for a particular sized band. To his surprise we had exactly the right thing! Our Size 85 rubber band was shipped off […]

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