Bounce Rubber Bands® gives back to Thailand

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Bounce Rubber Bands® gives back through ‘Bounce Back’ program to Thailand

Bounce Rubber Bands® believes it is important to give back to Thailand as this country plays a very important role at Bounce Rubber Bands®.

Due to climatic conditions, we are unable to grow rubber bands in Australia, therefore rubber trees are grown commercially and harvested in Thailand by local farmers. Our rubber bands are then produced in factories by local workers and packed to our customer’s requirements. We decided to create our Corporate Social Responsibility Program ‘Bounce Back’ and chose Borderless Friendship WA Inc (BFWA) as 1 of 2 recipients due to the fantastic support they provide. We are currently donating 2.5c per 500g bag sold during 2017/2018 financial year through Bounce Bang®. Below you can read a little more about  Borderless Friendship WA Inc (BFWA) and the fantastic work they do.

Borderless Friendship WA Inc (BFWA)  is a not-for-profit Australian organisation that enhances the lives of hill tribe children in Northern Thailand. The hill tribe people live in remote areas scattered across Northern Thailand with little or no access to education. This lack of education makes the hill tribe children prone to poverty and vulnerable to exploitation within Thailand’s ubiquitous sex and drug trade. Those children who can get an education grow up able to take much better care of themselves, their families and their community (Source: UN). BFWA support more than 450 ‘at risk’ children and most of these children have no parents or family to support them.

How Can I Help?

Join us by purchasing Bounce Rubber Bands® through your local rubber band retailer, rubber band wholesaler or rubber band reseller. If you need support in finding our product please contact us.